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Guilherme Fontes returns to “Renascer” and guarantees: “There will be very strong scenes”

William Fontes 57, will return for the remake of “Reborn” to interpret Humberto Buba’s father (Gabriela Medeiros). Through social media, the actor celebrated the growth of his participation.

“Humberto’s saga in ‘Renascer’ continues. The good goat returns home. What was supposed to be just a two-day appearance, a few chapters, grew more and more, and now it will have to be resolved between humanity, respect for differences or unfounded and cruel hatred against one’s own offspring,” he wrote.

“Very tough and emotional scenes are coming. Stay tuned, since the story of Buba’s family is not over. It is very sad and difficult to play such a horrible character. I am lucky to always be around such talented actors, like Malu Galli, Renan Monteiro and Miguel Rômulo. Don’t miss it. Very strong scenes in the next chapters”, concluded the actor.

Even though she was rejected by Humberto, Buba will not leave her father helpless when she finds out that the character suffered a stroke. The psychologist will be warned by Meire (Malu Galli), her mother, and will act quickly.

It will be thanks to the young woman that her father will come out of the situation alive. Despite this, Humberto will continue to despise his daughter.

Buba from “Renascer” says being trans is painful, says intersex people association

Source: CNN Brasil

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