Guinness World Records: The girl with the longest feet and the man… running with his hands

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A dog with the biggest ears, a girl with the biggest paws and a man who can walk with his hands faster than anyone else are some of his new owners Guinness record, who managed to get on the relevant list this year.

The annual publication for 2022 was made on Thursday and includes many new records from around the world.

Lou from Portland, Oregon holds the new record for “the biggest dog ears (still alive)”. Each dog’s ear is 33.98 cm long.

Morgan Parsley is the holder of the new record for the biggest foot in a teenager. They are 30.9 cm long and that means that the number of her shoe is 45!

Zion Clark from Ohio entered the list this year as he managed to run 20 meters with his hands in just 4.78 seconds. Clark was born with Caudal Regression Syndrome, which means he has no legs.

Another person on the list is Pratik Mojite from Maharashtra, India, who became the shortest male bodybuilder, with a height of 102 cm. He started bodybuilding himself, believing that it would strengthen him, even if others considered him “weak”, according to the Daily Mail.

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