Hackers stole $100 million from the Harmony One bridge

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The Harmony One project team announced the hacking of the Horizon bridge between the Ethereum, Binance Chain and Bitcoin blockchains. Hackers managed to steal $100 million worth of tokens.

So far, there is no data on what kind of vulnerability the attackers used. The developers of Harmony One reported the suspension of the Horizon bridge, but the hackers managed to 11 transactions with different tokens. The total loss was about $100 million.

“We have already started working with national authorities and computer security specialists to identify the perpetrator and recover the stolen funds. We have also notified cryptocurrency exchanges and are working tirelessly. Note that the vulnerability did not affect the BTC bridge. All funds and assets stored in decentralized vaults are safe,” Harmony wrote.

Among the stolen funds were almost $10 million in USDT stablecoins, more than $41 million in USDC, $5.5 million in BUSD, and about 6 million in DAI. The attackers also managed to steal 592 wBTC, 415,000 SUSHI tokens, 43 wETH and others. After receiving the funds, the hackers began to exchange tokens using the Uniswap decentralized exchange.

Note that back in early April, Harmony developers warned about a possible hacking of the Horizon bridge wallet on the Ethereum network – the wallet required only two signatures to withdraw funds.

In mid-June, the DeFi Inverse Finance protocol was hacked for the second time. This time the hackers stole $1.2 million in BTC and USDT.

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