‘No’ by A. Tsipras on NATO expansion and practical support for Turkish provocation

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By Niki Zorba

As has been the case for years, Alexis Tsipras was invited to attend as an observer at the Eurosocial Summit in Brussels, with open-air fans: No to NATO enlargement, initiatives to end the war in Ukraine, challenge to Russia, challenge sanctions on Russia Greece’s practical support for Turkish aggression. and a “front” of European progressive forces against austerity.

Ukrainian and NATO

The criticism of the EU leadership that it stands in line with developments that mainly concern its neighborhood, such as the war in Ukraine, without taking initiatives to end the invasion, instead imposing deadly sanctions on Russia in European countries, was repeated from Belgian territory. the president of SYRIZA.

It is noteworthy, however, in his statements that he linked the European “luck” of Ukraine with an agreement not to extend NATO to the region as a precondition for calming the passions.

“The debate today in the Summit on granting Ukraine accession status only makes sense if it is part of a broader framework for peace and stability. A framework that will obviously include the non-expansion of NATO in the region,” he said. his characteristic statement, coming to the meeting of the Eurosocialists.

Regarding the sanctions against Russia by the EU, he repeated what he supports many times, addressing a Greek audience:

“When sanctions affect those who impose them more than the one who suffers them, then they may not be the only means of dealing with the crisis.”


However, the President of SYRIZA also insisted on issues of Economy, essentially calling on the Eurosocial forces to take initiatives towards “maintenance”. Did he ask?

1. Initiatives to halt the economic impact of the crisis

2. Suspension and reform of the energy exchange framework

3. Ceiling in the profits of the producers in the wholesale electricity market

4. Extension of the Escape Clause and

5. Expansion of the Recovery Fund, both in time and material resources.


The president of SYRIZA also left points to the lack of practical support of partners and allies in Greece in the face of the Turkish challenges, asking the PES to “make commitments for substantial support of Greece and not only in words”.

It is recalled that in the last fifteen days, Mr. Tsipras has publicly stated at least twice that: if something out of the ordinary happens to Turkey, “we will be alone”.

Source: Capital

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