Information and analytical company Nansen informed users about the compromise of personal data from third-party providers and asked them to urgently reset old passwords.

The Nansen team sent out an official notification to platform users regarding the incident by its third-party providers.

“On September 20, one of our partners notified Nansen that their systems had been compromised. The vendor’s security breach gave an attacker access to the administrative rights and account used to provide customers with access to our platform,” Nansen said in a statement.

The unnamed data provider is a large firm that works with many Fortune 500 companies.

The Nansen team recommended urgently resetting old access passwords to the platform, since, according to users, an anonymous hacker has already exhibited stolen data for sale.

Earlier, analysts at the FACCT Cyber ​​Security Center warned that after the introduction of restrictions on trading through the P2P service of the Binance crypto exchange, an attack began on Russian users and mass distribution of phishing emails under the guise of an offer to bypass the restrictions.