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Hagia Sophia: “It will not see in 2050 if this situation continues”, says the Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet

Recent pictures of abandonment and disaster from Hagia Sophia The Turkish newspaper Cumhuriyet noted that it is doubtful whether the monument will survive until 2050.

In an article entitled “Hagia Sophia is a test for Istanbul: It will not see in 2050 if this situation continues»Published in the electronic version cumhuriyet.com.trstates that from July 2020 until today the light of publicity have seen images of vandalism inside the Hagia Sophia and adds that the crowds that flock to it daily contribute to its destruction.

Cumhuriyet’s article on Hagia Sophia

The newspaper sent reporters to Sofia to report on what was happening and noted that they saw dozens of visitors flocking to Hagia Sophia. At the same time, they reported that in “Bairami” a few weeks ago more than 100 thousand visitors gathered. As noted in the Jumhuriyet article, even the humidity from the breaths of the crowd is enough to cause wear and tear.

As the article points out, there are many visitors who use the monument to spend the night, to leave their suitcases and to put baby strollers in it, or to use the toilets.

It is recalled that shortly after damage to the Imperial Gate and images that showed believers to hang their shoes on the walls of the monumenta photo was published showing broken a historic water tank, which had been turned into a shoebox.

Source: News Beast

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