Haiti: “400 Mawozo”, this is the gang that sows terror

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Mawozo, in the local language means “beginner”, but the gang 400 Mawozo that sows terror in Haiti, consists of members with experience in criminal acts. They rape, mistreat their hostages and kill in order to enforce their law.

“Now, your financial ability does not matter. “We can all fall victim to them at some point and we all think that one day we will probably have to leave the country,” one of the protesters told international media. Port-au-Prince last Monday (18/10). Inflated by the growing power of criminal organizations terrorizing its poor country Caribbean, citizens took to the streets in protest of the state’s chronic inability to restrict their activities.

The day before (17/10), the country was attacked by one of the strongest gangs. When the Prime Minister Ariel Henry, wanted to honor the “father of Haiti”, Jean – Jacques Desalin, in the historical “Red Bridge”, a group of armed men of the gang «G-9» shot in the air, but also on the side of the politicians, where he was Director of Police, Lion Charles. THE Henry was forced to leave running, according to the Spanish newspaper «The world», and move the ceremony to another area.

It was another proof that the majority of his neighborhoods Port-au-Prince out of control. As well as how to Jimmy Cherisier, also known as «Barbecue», its leader «G-9», but also in Wilson Joseph, otherwise Lanmó San Jou, its leader 400 Mawozo, they like to show their power.

The center of its… business 400 Mawozo is the area Bouquetes cross, on the east side of the capital, on the road leading to the border with Dominican Republic. Seven women, five children and an equal number of adult men were abducted in this area. Christian Aid Ministries, based in Ohio of USA. Now, the gang is asking for $ 17 million to release American and Canadian missionaries and according to «Wall Street Journal», negotiations are expected to take time.

Responsible for 80% of kidnappings

The panic is such that those who need to travel to Dominican Republic they are terrified because they know they are in danger. They usually stop vehicles – of any type – and abduct passengers. Haiti blames 80% of more than 600 abductions in first nine months of 2021. Among their latest victims are drivers from Dominican Republic.

They also get money through blackmail. They threaten businessmen, shopkeepers and anyone who has a source of income, in exchange for not hurting them. Recently, said “The world”, killed a mango producer because he did not succumb to their blackmail. Many families try to leave the neighborhoods under the control of the criminals, who in their kidnappings hold up to 40 hostages together and do not hesitate to kill them when their families do not pay the ransom.

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