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Hamas freed 8-year-old Emily Hunt, who had been presumed dead, and her father said he was relieved she was not suffering

On November 8, the 8-year-old girl Emily Hnd, who was presumed dead after the Hamas attack on Kibbutz Beeriand whose father said he was relieved his child had not suffered torture, turned out to be alive after all and being held hostage in Gaza.

Saturday night one of 13 hostages and 4 Thais freed by Hamas it was her!

Her father, in an interview with CNN a few days after the attack by Hamas in Israel, had said: “The Israeli authorities told us that they found Emily and that she is dead. And I just answered them “yes” and smiled, because that’s the best news he’s ever had. She was either dead or in Gaza. And if you know what they’re doing to people in Gaza, that’s worse than death.”

A few days later and after learning that his daughter is aliveThomas Hunt had declared “regretful” for what he said in the first days.

“I kind of regret it. Just because of some things I said, some things that might have put her in danger. We are moving forward”, he had said at the beginning of November in his new statements.

Source: News Beast

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