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See the list of 13 Israeli hostages released by Hamas this Saturday (25)

The Israeli Prime Minister’s office and the Forum for Hostages and Missing Families – which represents the families of those detained by Hamas – released the names and ages of all 13 Israeli hostages released this Saturday night (25), after a truce between Israel and Hamas:

  • Shoshan Haran, 67
  • Shiri Weiss, 53
  • Sharon Avigdori, 52
  • Adi Shoham, 38 years old
  • Maya Regev, 21 years old
  • Noga Weiss, 18 years old
  • Noam Ou, 17
  • Alma Ou, 13
  • Hila Rotem, 13
  • Noam Avigdori, 12 years old
  • Emily Hand, 9
  • Naveh Shoham, 8
  • Yahel Shoham, 3

Dror Or, father of Noam and Alma Or, is still detained by the radical Islamic group Hamas in the Gaza Strip, according to Israeli authorities. Yonat Or, the children’s mother and Dror’s wife, was killed on October 7.

Raaya Rotem, Hila Rotem’s mother, also remains detained in Gaza.

The other four hostages not listed by Israeli authorities are Thai citizens.

Second group released

After a standoff this Saturday, Hamas released 13 Israeli hostages and four foreigners, according to Qatar. The group of 17 people has already arrived in Israel, the government said.

Among the Israelis are five women and eight children. The identities of the hostages have not yet been revealed.

All hostages were taken to a military base in Israel and will be taken to hospitals.

The release of the hostages comes after the impasse between Hamas and Israel over the provision of humanitarian aid to northern Gaza was resolved through the mediation of Qatar and Egypt.

The release of hostages resumed after Israel and Hamas resolved impasses and disputes over terms were agreed, Qatar said on Saturday (25). O Hamas had postponed the handover of the second group of hostages this morning after accusing Israel of preventing humanitarian aid from entering the Gaza Strip.

The measure comes amid an agreement between Israel and Hamas, which provides for a four-day truce in fighting in Gaza.

Another 24 hostages had been released by Hamas this Friday (24). In exchange, the Israeli government released 39 Palestinian prisoners, according to the Israel Prison Service.

The group was released after 49 days of captivity and were welcomed by a crowd of Israelis.

Palestinians released from Israeli prisons were also greeted with celebrations as they returned to their hometowns and villages in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

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*With information from CNN International

Published by Mateus Cerqueira

Source: CNN Brasil

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