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Hamas: Israel’s claims about hospital tunnel are “baseless lies”

The Hamas-run media office denied on Thursday (16) that it was using Al-Shifa Hospital as a command and control center – calling the Israeli allegations “baseless lies”.

Hamas accused Israel of providing “false scenarios, fabricated narratives and distorted information about the Al-Shifa Medical Complex” in a written statement.

This Thursday morning, the Israeli army released a video to support the claim that it had discovered a tunnel on the premises of Gaza’s main hospital.

The video showed what appeared to be a hole in the ground surrounded by exposed sandy soil, broken pieces of metal and concrete scattered around it, a short distance from a hospital building.

Calling the tunnel claim a “ridiculous scenario,” Hamas said it was all “part of an ongoing campaign of incitement and deception that has been promoted for years” to justify Israel’s wars against Gaza. “It is a failed attempt to escape future liability and legal persecution,” the statement said.

The statement adds that the Palestinian Ministry of Health has “repeatedly requested, dozens of times, all institutions, organizations, international bodies and relevant parties to form technical teams to visit and inspect all hospitals in order to refute the narrative of false incentive.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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