Happiness Project: Giuseppe, traveling the world in search of happiness

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What is the noise of happiness? It seems decades since this song was played on the radio, but no one has ever stopped wondering. What is happiness? How do you notice that you are happy? And what is true for one, is it true for all? He tried to answer these questions Giuseppe Bertuccio D’Angelo, a young man from Messina, who last year, as long as the pandemic allowed him, traveled the world to listen to the answers of various people to the question: “What is happiness for you?”.

He called his project Happiness (you can also follow him on Instagram) and it took almost a year to organize a trip around the world – the second, because he had completed the first just after graduating in Economics years ago – to investigate the theme of happiness, in his opinion. called «the greatest treasure of man», photographing, recording videos of the people he met. People of different cultural backgrounds, belonging to different religions and each with their own lifestyle.

«My life has always been peaceful and full of affection, I lacked nothing, but being very curious, I decided to channel my energies on a single theme. And that of happiness is infinite. I wanted to meet all the possible facets of the human being, I wanted to have incredible adventures ». So on September 15, 2019, on his 29th birthday, Giuseppe sets off on a journey that, in his intentions, should have lasted a year, to end with the reaching of 30. To accompany him at every stage and at every meeting the question: “Does it exist a formula for happiness? ».

We asked him the same question, when we reached him on the phone one Saturday morning in April while he was on the Ocean Viking, the ship of the NGO Sos Mediterranee that rescues migrants (but that’s another story and we’ll get there later). So we asked him, “Does it exist?” “I don’t think there is a formula, I think there are infinite sources and ways of being happy. Traveling and meeting people I learned to recognize sources that I didn’t notice before ».

If there is no formula, then perhaps there are common denominators between people who grew up in the same country? Aren’t the environment, context, culture and traditions responsible for our person? «Definitely yes, what I noticed is that in general in the poorest countries, family, bonds and religion are the most common sources of happiness of people. Because they are the only things they have. I wondered if it was only for this reason or if instead I, having everything, did not give weight to these things. Conversely, in countries like Australia, the United States or some Europeans, happiness is a more individual factor ».

Giuseppe returned early, who since childhood dreamed of doing the reporter and he had to find the courage in 2018 to give up his job as a corporate employee to follow his passion, he decided to grow and evolve the project this year. “It was no longer enough for me to talk only about happy people. The thought around the theme has matured this year and I wanted to touch on even more topics dramatic“. For this reason, in mid-April Giuseppe embarked on the Ocean Viking, to live in contact with volunteers committed every day to save the lives of migrants who embark in search of happiness.

“I saw that there can be a lot of happiness up here too. Not in the last few days, sadly (when we talk to him on the phone it’s the day following a terrible shipwreck off the coast of Libya in which more than 100 people would have died – and we know how bad it is to say more than 100, as if 100, 120 or 130 were the same and instead one is one. Always, on land or in the middle of the sea, dead or alive, Ed). I needed to live, see with my own eyes and tell something that we don’t think really exists ».

With the landing on Ocean Vikings Giuseppe will try to tell through a video reportage su YouTube life on board and what “happiness” represents for the castaways who have just been rescued, to show how a universal state of mind changes can change radically according to places and experiences.

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