Harlem, the actresses of the series: “We will make you forget Sex and the City”

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A few days before the arrival of the sequel to Sex and the City, another female series tries to take the scepter from Carrie and Campagna. Is called Harlem, is available on Amazon Prime Video and tells about four friends in New York, but light years away from Manhattan, this time the neighborhood that lends its name to the project is the heart of black culture.
Created by Tracy Oliver, the story features a poker of very different women: Camille (Megan Good) is a professor looking for a professorship, Tye (Jerrie Johnson) develops a dating app for queer and black users, Angie (Shoniqa Shandai) dreams of a career as an actress but while waiting for the big occasion she camps in the luxury apartment of Quinn (Grace Byers), a budding designer with some cash problems and a snobbish mother.
Achieved on Zoom, this variegated poker of artists in the company of the showruner tells all the strength (but also the fragility) of a story defined as necessary.

What is so special about this series?
Tracy Oliver: «It offers a unique point of view because so far black women have been excluded from the story and instead now they are taking up the scene in Harlem by proposing themes not covered until now».

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He feels he has created the anti-Sex and the City?
Tracy Oliver: “Definitely, because although there are common arguments, the perspective on love and career is different, even proposed by a queer character, for one thing.”

Can you give me an example?
Tracy Oliver: «Online dating, for example. When a white girl makes a match she doesn’t ask if she just likes it or if there are other factors at play to influence the choice, a black girl instead wonders how much race affects and if it becomes a fetish or a trophy, especially when she realizes that a caucasian man is only dating African Americans. As if they were not seen as an individual, but as part of a specific group, which borders on racism. It seems to you that in Sex and the City if you talk about it? ».

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Which character in the series is the most similar to you?
Megan Good: «Every woman finds herself in the various facets of the characters. I like Camille’s swagger, Tye’s boldness, Angie’s self-esteem and Quinn’s romance, they are a mix. ‘
Jerry Johnson: «I love studying and doing research, so the idea that there is a young black teacher in a university is a source of pride for me, so long live Camille. But also Angie who is bubbly and colorful ».

What would he do if he could spend an afternoon with his character?
Shoniqa Shandai: «With Angie anything would turn into pure fun, even going shopping because she is spontaneous and energetic».
Grace Byers: «I agree: in reality my best friend in the series would be Angie, who also reminds me of my sister-in-law because where we come from all feelings are expressed aloud and we go straight to the point. Quinn, on the other hand, is like ying and yang to her. ‘
Jerrie Johnson: “I’d take Tye to bed right away, of course.”
Megan Good: «I, on the other hand, with Camille would do something relaxing, like yoga».

What do you like about your character instead?
Shoniqa Shandai: Quinn is sensitive, she helps those in difficulty and manages to bring out the best of those around her, as if she were a magnifying glass ».

Do you have friends like the ones in the series?
Megan Good: «Absolutely yes, my best friend, for example, together with her mother took care of me when I got sick from Covid. For me he is like a second parent and I feel lucky because I live brotherhood on set and in life ».
Jerrie Johnson: “Actually I’m short of female friends, I all have gay friends, but with colleagues from Harlem it was love at first sight.”

Did you bring home anything from the set?
Shoniqa Shandai: “Apart from the linen, they didn’t allow us to take anything home.”
Grace Byers: “If there is a season two – and I hope so – I’ll make a shopping list with what I like”.

Quinn is a stylist, is there an Italian brand you are crazy about?
Shoniqa Shandai: «I’m crazy for Giambattista Valli».
Grace Byers: «And I for Givenchy…».
Shoniqa Shandai: “I think he’s French.”
Grace Byers: “Shall we say Gucci?”
Shoniqa Shandai: “Now we are thinking.”

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