Home Entertainment Harry and Meghan, revelations coming: “A dirty game, we know the truth”

Harry and Meghan, revelations coming: “A dirty game, we know the truth”

Harry and Meghan, revelations coming: “A dirty game, we know the truth”

new trailer, new revelations. Just three days after the release of the docuseries Harry & Meghancoming to Netflix between December 8 and 15, divided into two volumes of three episodes each – came out on social media a short teaser video which further increases the anticipation. “It’s difficult think again now and ask me what happened» are the words of the english prince at the opening of the clip, which traces the last years of the Sussex.

From the marriagewhen things seemed to be going great, until the decision to leave London and fly to the USA following the media storm that had hit them. “There was a war against Meghan to go along with the plans of others,” he comments Jenny Afia, lawyer of the couple, questioned in the docuseries. “She is a hate issuepurebred,” he adds Christopher Bouzy, the founder of the American company Bot Sentinel.

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At the time of royal wedding, on March 19, 2018, no one could imagine that things in Windsor house they would have taken this turn. “Do you hear? IS the sound of hearts that are breaking all over the world», says a journalist who commented on the very popular ceremony at St George’s Chapel. “He’s becoming a real rock star.” But that happiness, unfortunately, did not last long: «Everything changed» Harry takes the floor again.

“There is a family hierarchy: some stories leak out, but others I am invented» declares the duke again, before the more evident lunge. «It’s a dirty gamethe pain of women entering this institution with marriage, this feeding frenzy». In the video scroll the images of Diana: “I understand that they would never defend me“, points out Meghanopening at recurring parallelism with the late Lady D.

“I was terrified, I didn’t want history to repeat itself» concludes Harry, repeating a concept already expressed in the past. And increasing, in fact, the wait for new ones shocking revelations on the recent history of the royal family: «Nobody knows the whole truth. We know it».

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