Harry Styles rips his pants right there (in front of Jennifer Aniston)

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“There are those who, all things considered, went worse,” he might think today Harry Styles to which, during last night’s concert in Los Angeles, in the heat of performing his hit Music for a sushi restaurant, the trendy leather trousers have come unstitched caramel colored (paired with a yellow and brown T-shirt with sequin fries). Ripped right at the crotch, an area in which you would never want to rip, especially in front of not only millions of fans but also the one who was your first sentimental crush.

However, we said that the English pop star fared better than Lenny Kravitz in 2015: concert in Stockholm, leather pants (black for him) and identical wardrobe malfunction. The difference? The American rock star, literally nothing under the dress (and even with piercings on display right there). At least Harry decided to wear (white) briefs that day. To admire them for a fraction of a second, also Jennifer Aniston, present at the concert.

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It is known that the actress of Friends it was the first love of the former One Direction who, however, as a good performer, made his maxim the show must go on, managing to handle embarrassment and flawlessly. The singer immediately covered the area not intentionally revealed with his hand and then wore a Pride flag to cover everything, managing to be, even in this situation, super cool.

Kylie Jenner, what a lioness!

The super influencer, guest of the Schiaparelli fashion show which opens the Parisian days dedicated to Haute Couture, surprises with a surreal dress complete with a lion’s skull applied on the décolleté. Scale 1 to 1 and with jaws wide open

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“My pants ripped. I feel like I have to apologize to some of you right up front. I mean, this is a family show,” said Harry Styles with an ironic streak showing further coolness.

Emily in Paris become a serial killer” class=”external-link external-link-embed__hed-link button” data-event-click='{“element”:”ExternalLink”,”outgoingURL”:”https://www.vanityfair.it /article/lucas-bravo-sfilate-parigi-lng-emily-paris-serial-killer”}’ href=”https://www.vanityfair.it/article/lucas-bravo-sfilate-paris-lng-emily- paris-serial-killer” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>Lucas Bravo, the sex symbol of Emily in Paris becomes a serial killer

But only on the men’s fashion catwalks in Paris, where he paraded for the LGN Louis Gabriel Nouchi brand, interpreting a collection inspired by American Psycho. Between splashes of blood and glacial looks


Emily in Paris become a serial killer” class=”external-link external-link-embed__image-link” data-event-click='{“element”:”ExternalLink”,”outgoingURL”:”https://www.vanityfair.it/ article/lucas-bravo-sfilate-parigi-lng-emily-paris-serial-killer”}’ href=”https://www.vanityfair.it/article/lucas-bravo-sfilate-parigi-lng-emily-paris -serial-killer” rel=”nofollow noopener” target=”_blank”>

The scene, of course, was filmed and spun online by many fans, immediately going viral. After all, Harry in his underwear, lots of stuff. The question is: will the show, in its entirety, have been appreciated by Jennifer?

Source: Vanity Fair

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