He cheated on his partner in their home and Amazon device mistakenly recorded him – Recorded ‘suspicious noises’

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The story of a woman, who claims that thanks to her digital voice assistant, has gone viral on the internet Amazonthe Alexamanaged to hear her recorded infidelity of her boyfriend with another girl.

As stated by mirror.co.ukJessica Lowman uploaded a video on TikTok, where she recounts her experience and mentions that she accidentally discovered Alexa’s ability to record.

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In more detail, Jessica said that she had doubts about how faithful her partner wasso he started looking for the electronic devices for suspicious activity. But when he opened the Amazon machine they had at home, he saw that there were recordings made automatically and on “dates that shouldn’t have been”.

So, in the audio, her partner and another woman can be heard discussing and asking for a series of songs to be played by Alexa, the digital voice assistant from which one can be informed about the weather and the news, even asking to hear music.

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In fact, then some “suspicious noises” begin to be heard – the machine can record the sounds throughout the house -, with her boyfriend asking for the music to be turned down, to a more romantic tone.

So far, the video has garnered more than 2.6 million viewswith many users declaring themselves surprised by the possibility that Amazon’s digital voice assistant can offer.

“I’m going to try it to test my friend” and “he’s the best advisor if you start to have doubts,” were just some of the typical comments below the post.

Source: News Beast

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