He discovers that his nephew is actually his son and asks for help to get him back.

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The viral story we met because of TikTok is practically like we are watching an episode of The Rose of Guadalupe Or a Mexican soap opera. However, although it may seem like a melodrama, the anecdote told by a influencers who usually shares stories his followers send him has caught the attention of many Internet users due to its nature.

Through Samanta’s account @sam_krc, the tiktoker told the story of a follower who has achieved more than three million views due to the unusual events of the woman.

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gift of air of the rose of guadalupe

Lto influencer he developed the story into five parts and began by narrating that his follower met a man 23 years ago, fell in love and married him. Later, she became pregnant, but unfortunately, her husband passed away and she was left alone.

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When the time of delivery came, it got complicated, so the woman lost consciousness, but not before hearing her baby cry. However, upon her regaining consciousness, the medical team told her that her son had died.

capture of Samanta kr telling the story of her follower

On the other hand, the woman revealed that her sister was also pregnant, but she lived in the United States. One fine day, she came to visit Mexico, but due to her recent loss, the protagonist of the story did not want to get too close to her sister.

The years passed and the woman rebuilt her life, but due to the complicated birth that she experienced in her youth, she could no longer get pregnant. Over time, she and her new husband decided to move to the United States, so she was able to live more closely with her nephew, which allowed her to realize that the young man had a great resemblance to the deceased. ex-husband of her

capture of the second part of the story of follower of Samanta kr

However, she and her second husband were deported for being in that country illegally. This event was combined with the fact that her mother became seriously ill with cancer. On her deathbed, the lady confessed an incredible truth that left her stunned, as she revealed that her nephew was actually her son!

It turns out that when the protagonist gave birth, she had two babies: one of them was actually born dead, but the other was taken by her sister to the United States because she lost hers and decided to pretend that she was still pregnant so as not to lose American papers.

Samantha Kr Follower Story Part Three

Once she found out about this heartless action by her sister, the protagonist did not hesitate to claim her motherhood, but things did not turn out as she wanted, because despite taking the case before the American authorities, her son could not see her as his mother, but as her aunt.

Finally, Samanta said that her follower has taken therapy to be able to forgive her sister, and although she has tried to get closer to her son, he can only see her as his aunt and that is why he has asked for help to win him over.

Of course, this story is incredible and inevitably generates many doubts, debates and reflections. Don’t you think?

Source: Okchicas

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