He killed a violent father, the lawyer: “Pm” forced “to ask for 14 years, Alex must be acquitted”

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“I had it prepared, but he was troubled.” Claudio Strata is the lawyer who defends Alex Pompa, the boy who on 30 April 2020 killed his father who threatened his mother in Collegno. He thus answers the question of how the young man took the request of the prosecutor Alessandro Aghemo: 14 years of imprisonment.

Also for the prosecutor, Giuseppe Pompa, a 52-year-old worker, was an aggressive and obsessive man, but “he didn’t deserve to be killed, He needed psychological help”. “I am forced to propose such a high sentence. It is the regulatory device that prevents me from doing otherwise. I can only recognize the extenuating circumstances of semi-insanity, but I invite the Court of Assizes to raise a question of constitutional legitimacy on the rule that prevents the prevalence of numerous extenuating circumstances from being granted ».

Attorney Strata has a position that is obviously different. “I will ask for acquittal and the prosecutor should have asked for it too. Instead, he asked for a sentence, realizing that, with the 2019 law, all mitigating that, even to Alex, the prosecutor believes they can be granted, the generic ones and those of provocation, cannot be exploited to reduce the sentence “.

In an attempt to counter the femicides the legislators have introduced a limit on the possibility of giving penalty discounts to the perpetrators of these crimes, the murders of a family member. There is a ban on the abbreviated procedure which would lead to a reduction of one third of the sentence and there is a no to the prevalence of generic extenuating circumstances and provocation over aggravating circumstances. The extenuating circumstances can be granted, but they do not manage to take away a day’s sentence. The only case in which the extenuating circumstances can prevail is that of semi-infirmity. In this case it was applied.

“The prosecutor asked for a 14-year sentence while clarifying that he did not consider it right in this case because Alex is not the husband who kills his wife, but is in turn the victim of an abusive father. The law that prevents Alex’s case from being treated differently is unjust. In the case of the Piedmontese boy, this law would violate articles of the Constitution and for this reason a question of legitimacy should be raised, as did the prosecutor “adds the lawyer Strata.

For the PM Alex did not move to defend himself and his mother, but he had valid alternatives. However, the sanctions framework is disproportionate, even for the prosecutor. It deserves a sentence, but for fewer years. “All the insiders agree that the judge must have the freedom to apply a penalty commensurate to the individual case at his discretion,” says the lawyer.

“I would find Alex’s sentence deeply wrong because this boy was destroyed by his father. Psychiatrists recognized him as having a PTSD. The continuous and repeated daily assaults brought him into a situation that evening that, from his point of view, had no way out. His emotional and structural fragility did the rest ». Strata also explains that “there are records from which it is clear that there had already been events that can be assimilated to those which occurred on April 30th. That evening the father had exceeded all limits of acceptability. He, his brother and his mother had long been victims, but they had always managed to get out of those situations. They were concrete and real threats. Alex and his brother Loris had the same feelings. Loris also wrote to his uncle saying that their life was at risk ».

The prosecutor speaks of “a relative in a situation of daily harassment”. All the testimonies agree in defining Pompa a husband and a father “Aggressive, jealous, obsessive”. Family members say so and also the recordings of screams, threats, insults. According to the prosecutor, however, “he would have overestimated the danger by reacting disproportionately and abnormally”. The ‘sense of danger that his father might take action that evening was perceived by Alex. But it wasn’t concrete ». Pump was hit first in the back and then in vital places 34 times with six knives.

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