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He organized his daughter’s birthday outside of court because he is not allowed to see her

When a family breaks up due to the separation of their parents, without a doubt, those who suffer the most are the little ones, because from one day to the next their daily lives are completely altered.

In one of many stories where parents claim the right to see their children, a man protested outside the Atizapán de Zaragoza Court, in the State of Mexico, since he was not allowed to live with his daughter on her birthday.

A man smiles with his little daughter leaning on his chest

Agustín Ramírez is the father of Bárbara, a girl who has just turned three years old. The man says he is desperate, because due to a complaint from her ex-partner, which he claims is false, he can only see her little girl four hours a month in a Coexistence Center. On her daughter’s birthday, he was not allowed to live with her, so he organized an impromptu party outside the courthouse.

Barbarita, daughter, today is your birthday, I’m here with your granny… daughter, you’re not with me for the second consecutive year, it doesn’t matter, daughter, remember life is difficult, the life you’re going to face is very hard, but Don’t worry, because I’m going to fight for you.

As a form of protest, the father set up a table with a cake on the sidewalk, brought him some gifts, a little clown and even a botarga, as he mentions that he was not allowed to be with the minor on that date. In addition, he denounced that the little girl arrived beaten at the Coexistence Center.

You have arrived at the Coexistence Center beaten and the psychologists do not write down what is happening to you in the report. Your uncle Andrés H. has assaulted your grandmother and has threatened me with death outside the Coexistence Center.

Agustín, who assures that he pays his daughter’s pension on time, mentioned that he will fight for his little girl. Visibly moved, the father narrated that the movement he is starting is to help not only his daughter Barbara, but also other children who find themselves in this same situation.

In addition, on its social networks, it has publicized the “Another birthday without you” movement to help parents who do not allow them to live with their children, as it ensures that it is a child’s right to live with both parents and with both families. ascendants. So far, the girl’s mother has not made any statement in this regard.

The father of a minor demonstrates peacefully outside the facilities of a Family Coexistence Center in Mexico. He brought gifts and a clown for his daughter

Source: Okchicas

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