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He said goodbye to his puppy with an adorable picnic full of hamburgers and chocolates

Dogs are an important part of our family, because they accompany us in all kinds of moments, they love us unconditionally and can even become the source of our purest motivation.

Unfortunately they are not eternal and when their life time ends, we can only thank them for everything they gave us, pampering them and showing them our appreciation. As did Ellie Buckler, who shared through TikTok the last goodbye to her pet.


Running in the big fields in the sky ❤️ love yoor forever baby boy 🌈 12 years wasnt long enough 😢 #dogslastday #fyp #bestfriend

♬ Stuff We Did (From “Up”) – Mark Northam

Buckler shared that her 12-year-old dog, Baxter, was so sick that she made the decision to put him to sleep. But before his eyes closed, he spoiled it, taking him out for a hamburger for the first time and documenting every second.

Running in the great fields in the sky. I love you forever, baby; 12 years were not enough. A good boy from the beginning to the end. It comforts me to see how good his life was.

In the video shared by Buckler, you can see how he takes his pet to eat a McDonalds hamburger for the first time. Also, he gave her chocolate and a tea.


Happy knowing hes back playing with his mummy in the fields in the sky 🥹 #fyp#voiceeffects

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In a second publication, Buckler clarified why he had to put his pet to sleep and, incidentally, thanked the messages of support received, since firing his 12-year-old partner was not easy.

Small explanation for all who wondered. She was 12 years old, she had begun to have great difficulty walking and she also had trouble breathing. He was taking a lot of painkillers and it wasn’t fair to see him suffer more; he would have been selfish of us to let him continue in that state.

I had never eaten McDonalds or chocolate before. For the last few months she has only been able to eat dry food, so we thought we would let her eat all the good stuff.

Source: Okchicas

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