He shares the strict rules of his courtship and they tell him that he better get a roommate

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A Spanish content creator who lives in Colombia caused controversy on social networks with the very peculiar rules that she has in her relationship with her boyfriend.

Both already live together, but it could be said that they are not scrambled, because, basically, they live together as if they were roomies, since they divide all expenses in half. In addition, everyone prepares their food and they have separate rooms for each one to maintain their space.

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a couple look funny at a place on the street he wears a yellow cap

Raquel Carpe (@raquel_carpe) has more than a million followers on Tik Tok, as she has a particular way of sharing her day-to-day life with her followers. Also, we cannot deny that her voice is a hallmark of her personality.

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Recently, a video went viral where she explains how she organizes with her boyfriend to keep their relationship on the best terms, and although many users approve of her rules, others tell her that they look like roommates more than a couple.

Below we leave you a list of its rules, because although we may not agree with all of them, perhaps we could follow one that suits our lifestyle as a couple.

1. Share both your real-time location always

an image of the real-time location on a cell phone

2. Do not buy the supermarket in common

image of supermarket shelves with a trolley in the aisle

3. Everyone cooks their own food

images of different fruits and vegetables placed on a table, someone is splitting an orange with a knife

4. All expenses are divided in half

Colombian bills of different denominations placed on a table along with other coins

5. Sometimes one invites the other and vice versa

6. Everyone has their room to maintain their space

images of a bedroom in a house has a large window that overlooks an outdoor patio and a small wooden cabinet accompanies the bed

7. Sleep together

a young couple are lying sleeping together they are wearing comfortable clothes and holding hands

Source: Okchicas

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