He took an entire flight back because he did not want to put on a mask

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An upset was caused during the flight of Miami-London of American Airlines, when a passenger refused to put on his mask, as a result of which the aircraft overturned halfway.

“Flight 38 of American Airlines, “He returned to Miami because Miami had a problem refusing to comply with the federal requirement to wear a mask,” he told AFP.

As a police officer explained to CNN “when the plane arrived at the disembarkation gate, the passenger was escorted out of the aircraft (by the Miami police), without any problems”.

The Boeing 777 with 129 passengers and 14 crew members was welcomed by the Miami police as soon as it landed.

Zero tolerance

American Airlines, for its part, said that its client who was involved in the incident was included in the “internal list” of persons to whom it refuses to board, “pending further investigation”.

The US Civil Aviation Authority (FAA) had announced in January 2021 a zero-tolerance policy for passengers who refuse to wear mask, as the cabin staff of the companies was faced with a large number of incidents of verbal – sometimes even physical – violence by people who refused to comply with this obligation.

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