‘He wanted the government to stop supporting Ukraine’ – The background behind the letters trapped in Spain

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Pressure the Spanish government to end support for it Ukraineruled on Friday (27/1) the investigator for the 74-year-old Spaniard who was arrested for sending trapped letters in institutions such as the Spanish Ministry of Defense and the embassy of Zelensky’s country in Madrid.

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The man, as reported by the Athens News Agency citing Spanish media, is facing charges of a distinguished terrorist act, according to court documents made public today.

The letters were sent, among others, to the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchezat the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid, at the defense minister, at a company that makes rocket launchers sent from Madrid to Kyiv, at a major Spanish military base at government offices, at a European Union satellite company and at the United States embassy between on November 24th until December 2nd.

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The security officer of the Ukrainian embassy in Madrid was slightly injured in the hand by the explosion of one of the letters, which was addressed to the ambassador of Ukraine.

Pompeo Gondaleth Pascual used messaging apps such as VK and the Swiss cryptographic email service Protonmail, an indication of his risk of fleeing to Russia, according to the court document that emerged from the first closed-door hearing.

The 74-year-old imgd some of the materials he used to make the letter traps from Amazon.

“There is no indication that the person being investigated belongs to or cooperates with any terrorist gang or organized group,” the statement said.

Source: News Beast

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