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The Måneskin from Jimmy Fallon: «When we played on the street, we aimed not to receive insults»

Spotlight on Maneskin. The Italian rock band, ad a week since the launch of Rush!, she returned as a guest at Tonight Show Of Jimmy Fallon just to promote the new album. The conversation between the artists and the presenter, however, touched on various topicsessentially rebuilding the sensational 2022 by Damiano, Victoria, Thomas and Ethan. “There Grammy nomination? I was the first to know,” reveals the frontman.

“I don’t know if we were at Los Angeles recording or touring, but I remember when I heard our name on tv, I was the only one awake in the house. The others were getting up, getting dressed, or something like that. So I started screaming: I also made a video of the reaction, which I didn’t post because it was too vulgar». «He Started banging on the bathroom door, I thought he was going to kill me or something like that,” smiles the bassist.

She, who was absent at the previously hosted of the Måneskin al Tonight Show and had been ironically replaced from Fallon, also tells what it feels like when Mick Jagger calls you to open a concert of the Rolling Stones: “He was really nice and knew a lot of our music». Different but just as fun the first approach with Keith Richards: «I don’t know who the hell you are», she told him, «but they told me that you’re good».

There is time for too go back to the past, when the band performed on the streets of Rome: «We considered it a good day when we cashed out from 20 to 50 euros» says Damiano. “Our goal, however, was to go home without having taken insults from pedestriansbut that rarely happened. Sometimes the police intervened to tell us that it was forbidden: then we moved, we hid and then we started playing again».

In few years, many things have changed. The music – rock – remained.

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