He wears a chlorophyll mask before going to his job interview and his face is green

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It is common that before a date, an afternoon of coffee with friends or any important meeting we give ourselves a cat’s hand to leave the best possible impression on others, and this includes from a classic bath to a routine of skincare so that our face is full of light and softness.

This is what a girl did before her job interview. Unfortunately, things did not go as expected and the mask she used to clean each of her pores left her face dyed green.

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The girl believed (like any of us) that it would be a good idea to wear a natural chlorophyll mask the night before her job interview, so she would wake up with wonderful skin and make a better impression.

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Unfortunately, when trying to remove the mask, everything was complicated, as her face was painted green. She washed it several times, used micellar water, toners, and even did a peel, but nothing worked to remove it.


Job interview at Bank of America tomorrow does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this off. Exfoliating did barely anything I’m still green. #help

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Bank of America job interview tomorrow. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can get this out? The exfoliation did nothing. I’m still green. #Help

Desperate, she went to TikTok asking for help, but no one could do anything for her. What we do not know is if the next morning he managed to solve his picturesque problem, since he has not shared more videos. However, we hope that everything went well.

Remember, friends, check your products before using them in a special or important moment, because better safe than sorry.

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