Health and wellness according to Martina Colombari: “Taking care of ourselves is a duty”

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«Taking care of ourselves starting from health is a duty. If we don’t know how to do it, we can’t give love. And then if there is the possibility of carrying out the checks, why not do them? ». Martina Colombari is always at the forefront when it comes to health and is an ambassador for Month of the Heart, the initiative promoted by Danacol in collaboration with the Gemelli Polyclinic which gives the possibility to carry out a thousand free check-ups to encourage prevention against cardiovascular diseases. An opportunity to put it back heart health at the center of our lives and return to control the seven risk factors, first of all the Cholesterol. There is also the possibility of taking a risk self-assessment test on the dedicated platform and on Sunday 24 October, on the occasion of the Longevity Run in Rome, you can do the check-up with the team of doctors of the Gemelli Hospital coordinated by Prof. Francesco Landi (from 15 to 16) and participate in a pilates lesson (from 16 to 16.30).

Despite the cardiovascular problems are still the leading cause of death in today
Italy (34.8% of all deaths according to ISTAT), the pandemic has led to a reduction in the number of controls. In fact, in 2020, 1 out of 3 Italians did not carry out routine blood tests and in particular there was a drastic reduction in medical checks with one million fewer screening tests carried out compared to 2019 (National Screening Observatory data) .

Martina Colombari: my prevention

«Health is the engine of our life, on which depends a virtuous circle that allows us to be energetic, productive, to better tolerate difficult situations and to be able to manage family relationships well. If we do not get sick, we also cost less to the state, and if we follow a good lifestyle we put in place a form of self-care. So let’s avoid smoking, drinking, taking on a lot of fats, salt… already with these precautions we are on the right path ».

Does health start with us?
«What we do has a consequence and feeling good also depends on us. Often, the fact of taking care of oneself or following a diet are mistaken as acts of beauty as an end in themselves and instead it is a question of building a lifestyle oriented to well-being to age well, optimistically without disease, without mobility problems … All this requires care and discipline, but above all not to underestimate ourselves. Prevention must be implemented in all its forms ».

How do you take care of your health?
«From the food point of view, I have removed meat, I eat legumes, lots of vegetables, cereals and I have limited gluten. A choice made on the advice of my nutritionist, prof. Damiano Galimberti, and based on the results of the DNA test and epigenetics. We are not what we eat, but what we assimilate and when our body is inflamed, we must burn it through food so as not to make it sick. Always under medical prescription, I regularly take an Omega 3 supplement, do some drip of glutathione and oxygen-ozone therapy to detoxify and thoroughly cleanse the body ».

How do you always be disciplined?
“To do this, we need to be aware of who we are, what we want, what makes us feel good physically and emotionally. I need a lot to attend meditation retreats in Assisi every four months, as well as constantly do physical activity, I compare it to a meditative session: it’s all time for me. An active body is a body that reacts better and brings positive benefits also on a cognitive level ».

Is she more head or heart?
“I’ve always been a head, when I started working I was 16 and I was asked for the same professionalism I have now. At a certain point, however, I realized that all that rational organization blocked my feelings, emotions, creativity and so I let myself go to other dimensions, I learned to listen to myself. Today I say, Fr.let us hand over our spirituality. As Pope Francis recently told me, mind, head and soul must be in balance ».

Will acting from the heart save the world?
“If I think of the objectives of the UN, most of them are linked to social issues to combat inequalities, hunger in the world, to guarantee education and respect for the environment. To reach them you need to think of other people because until you manage to change the way in which we live the community and others, we will not be able to save the planet either “.


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