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Heather Parisi, Amici’s forgiveness and those too many words

It seems that Heather Parisi you’ve been competing for some time now in a sport all its own and very particular: saying that word too many risks being interpreted as a lack of gratitude towards those who gave her a chance. She applies to Lorella Cuccarini, with whom she shared the television experience of Beloved enemy; applies to the manager Lucio Prestabut it also applies to Maria De Filippi who, in 2018, wanted her as a judge of the evening show Friends. An experience that Heather Parisi welcomed with enthusiasm only to later reveal in a recent interview with Everyday occurrence, of having suffered from being trapped in an already pre-established program. «I always put my face to it. I can’t keep quiet, I’m spontaneous. This is why I was wrong with Friends. I didn’t understand that in talent shows you have to recite a script: instead I’m a loose cannon capable of only acting myself. I was out of context there. I was very sorry: I was among young people but I wasn’t able to follow the script”, said Parisi, provoking the reaction of Mediaset and Fascino, the production company owned by Maria De Filippi, who rightly decided to take legal action.

Alberto Scarpinato / ipa-agency.net

Hence the about face by Heather Parisi who, a month after the incident, decided, again through the pages of Doneto retrace his steps: «With regards to the interpretations given by some of the media, I would like to clarify that my difficulties in entering into the spirit of Friends they are derived solely from personal character specificities which did not allow me to understand the sentiment of the broadcast, and more generally the specificity of television talent. That’s why I made a mea culpa and said “I made a mistake with Friends”. My admiration and esteem towards Maria De Filippi, of its program and of all the work staff, who have always been professional, helpful and collaborative with me, have never been questioned by me”. And again: «During the interview I said that I was among young people but I was not able to understand their language, nor to follow their requests, and I ended up feeling like a fish out of water. Anyone familiar with the world of entertainment can understand that this is enough to make you go “off script” even when a script doesn’t exist. And in fact, I have never received any authorial indications aimed at undermining the authenticity of the broadcast”.

Heather Parisi a BeastsMaurizio D’Avanzo / ipa-agency.net

Leaving aside the fact that this rectification would require a certain act of faith, given that the previous statement alluded to the obligation to follow a script, Friends and Mediaset have decided to close the matter once and for all, leaving Heather Parisi alone. «Friends and Mediaset are pleased to note the clarification offered by Heather Parisi regarding what was reported in the interview with Daily fact about your participation in the program e I am therefore pleased to be able to consider the matter closed”. All’s well that ends well? Not so. It is clear that Heather Parisi has carved out the role of the voice out of the chorus at all costs, but we would advise you to check your statements better and pay attention to what you say. If only to avoid ruining it brilliant career that he built in Italy, increasingly threatened by phrases and expressions that do no honor to anyone.

Source: Vanity Fair

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