Helbiz Live, all Serie B at your home with Carolina Stramare

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Helbiz, one of the global leaders in micro-mobility, and leader in Italy with over 2.5 million users, presented the programs of Helbiz Live: the new platform that will broadcast the entire Serie B Championship in OTT for the next 3 seasons.

In the presence of the president of the Serie B League Mauro Balata, Helbiz launches a truly innovative offer, which links national football to micro-mobility, thanks to Cashback on the move: against a monthly subscription of 5.99 euros, in fact, the customer will have a Cashback of 4 euros to be used in micro-mobility Helbiz; and for the season ticket, the offer includes a Cashback of 30 euros compared to a subscription of 49.99.

Furthermore, Helbiz Live it will always be included in the subscription Helbiz Unlimited, already existing for micro-mobility customers at no additional cost. Football and cars, therefore, a super-winning combination. Among the surprises, here is the new face of Helbiz Live, Carolina Stramare, Miss Italia 2019.

The offer for Serie B includes the vision of the entire championship for the next 3 seasons: 20 Clubs and up to 390 games per season between regular season, playout e playoff. An OTT service usable through smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs, which uses cutting edge technologies and consolidated infrastructures, in order to guarantee the highest quality standards.

The launch event was also an opportunity to present the face and presenter of Helbiz Live, Carolina Stramare, Miss Italy 2019. Young, nice, lover of technology and the “green” lifestyle, great sports enthusiast, every week Carolina will guide subscribers through the days of the Championship and the development of the season, offering all fans a dynamic and funny story and regularly involving the protagonists of a Championship always full of surprises.

The words of the CEO, Matteo Mammì. «I am proud to launch this new project that combines entertainment and micro-mobility in an innovative combination. Helbiz Live aims to offer greater value to the system’s customers Helbiz and at the same time to attract new users by discovering the micro-mobility services that are changing the way people move around cities. Our proposal for subscriptions to TV services linked to a Cashback with mobility credit is an idea that will bring great benefits to our customers. Furthermore, the enthusiasm that Carolina Stramare showed for this project impressed us a lot, so much so that we have no doubt in wanting her in our team as host and face of Helbiz Live. I strongly believe in “vertical” content offers (such as the Serie B Championship) offered at an affordable cost and with an easy and immediate use: I am convinced that the evolution of the market and of entertainment consumption passes through this dynamic ».

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