Helicopters are more lethal than planes in accidents, according to Cenipa data

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Investigation reports prepared between 2012 and 2023 by the Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Cenipa) point out that helicopter accidents, such as the one that happened on Friday afternoon (17), in the Barra Funda neighborhood, in São Paulo, in which four people died, are more lethal than plane crashes.

A CNN consulted documents that are available on the Sipaer platform, which is managed by Cenipa, about occurrences that are still under investigation or that have already been closed by the body linked to the air force command.

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The relationship was established based on the total number of deaths over the total number of accidents between the two aircraft profiles.

Data show that since 2012, 130 people have died in 212 helicopter crashes across the country. In general terms, these data represent a fatality rate of 61% for this type of transport.

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As for aircraft accidents, the lethality rate between the general number of accidents and fatalities is around 40%. In this clipping, 544 people died in 1,338 registered accidents. Of these investigated plane accidents, 270 had fatalities (20%).

In the case of incidents involving helicopters, 212 accidents were recorded, and in 52 of them, at least one person died (24%).

When the aviation segment is air taxi, the scenario is reversed. Within this panorama, in the same period, 62 people died in 88 plane accidents (70%).

These accidents are concentrated in the states of Pará (22), Amazonas (14) and Roraima (14), where small planes are used for greater flexibility in moving between remote areas of the country.

On the other hand, in 28 accidents involving helicopters during the air taxi operation, 14 people died (50%). These accidents occurred with a higher incidence in the states of Rio de Janeiro (11), Minas Gerais (3) and Pará (3). São Paulo records only one fatal occurrence that has already been investigated in the public consultation system.

Cenipa informed that it has already started an initial investigation of the occurrence, in which “specific techniques are used, conducted by qualified and accredited personnel who carry out the collection and confirmation of data, the preservation of evidence, the initial verification of damages caused to the aircraft, or by the aircraft, and the survey of other information necessary for the investigation process”, according to a note.

So far, what is known, according to firefighters, is that the aircraft hit a coconut tree before crashing. Data from this accident were not included in the report, as they are not included in the public research panel.

Source: CNN Brasil

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