Hellenic Recycling Company: Present in every household and in every activity of public life

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Focusing on the environment and the municipalities, the Hellenic Recycling Utilization Company, synonymous with packaging recycling in the country, is a reliable system known for its efficient packaging recycling and its contribution to Greek society.

EEAA, to date, is the only system that recycles all packaging materials such as plastic of all kinds, aluminum, tinplate, glass, paper – cardboard, while utilizing a variety of equipment and a variety of methods, depending on local specificities and Needs. It is indicative of the fact that the blue bins and the blue bells as well as the other activities of EEAA have managed to cover 96% of the National Recycling Target in Greece. According to the latest data from the Hellenic Recycling Organization and EUROSTAT, Greece’s target is 511 thousand tons of packaging waste, of which EEAA alone achieves 490 thousand tons.

Separate collection streams in Chios

However, apart from the well-known blue bins and bells, EEAA applied alternative models of collection equipment to many Municipalities that wanted it. In island, gentlemen, municipalities, door-to-door collection is carried out with a bag in one or more streams, while in other Municipalities, a separate sorting of paper and / or plastic with a special bin is developed. It is worth noting that EEAA provides the necessary equipment for the collection of packaging, thus covering 97% of the country’s population with two, three or more streams.

Separate collection stream of PET plastic in Santorini

The contribution of EEAA is also important both in the service of public buildings and at the level of cultural events with the installation of equipment for collecting packers.

Every year there are about 35 events and concerts that take place in large and open spaces, such as squares, stadiums and stadiums throughout Greece and are served by special collection bins from EEAA. In particular, in collaboration with the Athens and Epidaurus Festival, EEAA placed recycling bins at the entrance of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus and the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus to recycle the quantities of plastic produced.

theater recycling

Also on an annual basis, EEAA supports the Authentic Athens Marathon, which produces a large number of packaging waste (PET bottles). Collection bins are placed at the starting point, at the finish line and at various points along the route, while the volunteers in charge of collecting the empty bottles are provided with special recyclable bags.


EEAA is trusted not only by cultural events but also by historic buildings and important institutions of the country which are equipped with the appropriate bins. Examples are the historic building of the Greek Parliament, the General Staff of National Defense (GEETHA), the facilities of the Navy Naval Station in Salamina, buildings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance and of course the building of the Ministry of Environment and Energy. All have been provided with special equipment, bins while collection routes are carried out on a regular basis.

Separate collection streams in GEETHA

From all the above actions it proves that EEAA is not just a recycling system but this recycling system, which through its activities all these years, has managed to be accessible to every household and at the same time to every activity of public life.


Source From: Capital

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