Hello, who talks to the queen?

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There are some photographs in which the queen Elizabeth is portrayed sitting at the desk in the study, holding the telephone receiver in her hand: an old white fixed appliance. But such a technological sovereign, who knows how to use programs for video calls and has a secret Facebook account, he also has a personal cellphone. This was revealed by the British journalist Jonathan Sacerdoti: “This is a Samsung that the secret services have modified to make it safe from hacker attacks”. Who is the queen talking to on her cell phone? In the address book it has only two contacts, the only ones who receive phone calls from her and in turn can call her: it is his daughter Anna and the manager of the royal stables, John Warren. They are all passionate about horses and therefore it is not difficult to imagine what their favorite topic is in their conversations on the phone.

Elisabetta has been using a mobile phone since 2001 and it was her grandchildren William and Harry who taught her how to send and read text messages.. It is also known for sure that in the various trips and commitments faced around the world she has never allowed anyone to take selfies with her (the protocol expressly forbids it).

By now everyone has understood that Elizabeth is a technological queen and even with the pandemic she is became an expert in video calling, thanks to which she managed to maintain contact with more or less distant relatives. However, royal expert Phil Dampier told the Daily Mail the sovereign still prefers the landline telephone and he doesn’t want to part with the white Bakelite model that stands out on his desk: «He doesn’t like to change something just for a change. If he gets along well with an object, he continues to use it for years ». L’Elizabeth’s former spokesperson, Dickie Arbiter, added that her Majesty “is very frugal and definitely doesn’t see the reason to change something that works.; also the type of landline phone he has fits very well with the style of the studio. If you live in a medieval castle why should you put something modern in it? ‘

So if the cell phone is intended for the communication of only two people, all the others will still have to go through the cable of the old and candid landline telephone. Who knows if a few words of peace will not come from there with the dukes of Sussex, Harry and Meghan. Basically the latter he used the telephone to personally express condolences to the sovereign who had just lost his spouse, his own beloved Prince Philip.


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