Henry case: witnesses for the defense of Monique Medeiros will be heard

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This Wednesday (15), the witnesses for the defense of Monique Medeiros, the mother of the boy Henry Borel, will be heard. On the list of people summoned by the defense are family members, the boy’s former nanny and a teacher’s childhood friend.

Monique Medeiros was denounced for triple-qualified murder in the improper omissive form, with an increase in the sentence for being a minor under 14 years of age; omissive torture; ideological falsity and witness coercion.

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Jairinho, the victim’s stepfather, was denounced for triple qualified homicide (evil reason, torture and inability to defend the victim), with an increase in the sentence for being a minor under 14 years of age; torture and witness coercion.

In the list of deponents today are: Glauciene Ribeiro Dantas, who was Henry Borel’s nanny from 2 to 4 years old; Reinaldo César Pereira Schelb; Renata Alves Medeiros de Souza Fernandes, cousin of Monique and pediatrician to Henry; Julieta Fernandes da Costa e Silva, Monique’s aunt; Natasha de Oliveira Machado, Jairinho’s ex-girlfriend; Adriano França, Delegate of the Child and Adolescent Victim Police; Antenor Lopes, Director of the General Police Department of the Capital; Elisa Walleska Kruger, psychologist; Lorenzo Parodi, expert hired for Monique’s defense; Rafaela Pimentel Amaral, friend; Bruno Bass, former hairdresser of Monique; Rosangela Medeiros, mother of Monique; Bryan Medeiros da Costa e Silva, brother and Ana Paula Medeiros Pacheco, cousin.

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The date for the interrogation of Jairinho and Monique will be set at the end of the hearing this Wednesday after the testimony of witnesses. The next phase will be the trial by the popular jury.

On Tuesday (14), at least ten people were heard. The first was a prosecution witness, hairdresser Tereza Cristina dos Santos, who witnessed a video call on February 12, 2021 where the child and the nanny were talking to the mother.

“She (nanny) was showing that the child was limping, the child walking in the hallway. It would have hurt his knee. I remember the child asking her: “’Mommy, do I disturb you?”, Tereza said in court.

The hairdresser also reported that about twenty minutes after the video call, she overheard part of a conversation by Monique.

“She asked this person not to tell her son to disturb her. That if he sent the nanny away she would leave too. She said: “If you want to break everything then you break it because you are already used to it”, said Tereza.

In addition to Tereza, Thiago Kwiatkowski Ribeiro, who was a councilor at the Rio Chamber alongside Jairinho, was also heard on Tuesday; Herondina de Lourdes Fernandes, Jairinho’s aunt; Colonel Jairo, father of the former councilor; Cristiane Isidoro, former advisor to Jairinho; Fernanda Abidu Figueiredo, former partner of Jairinho; Luiz Fernando Abidu Figueiredo dos Santos, son of Jairinho; the civil police officer Sigmar Rodrigues de Almeida and Rogério Baroni, the family’s driver.

The depositions ended around 8 pm.

This phase of the process at the Jury Court, presided over by Judge Elizabeth Machado, began on October 6th with the testimony of witnesses for the prosecution, among the ten heard were Thayná de Oliveira Ferreira, nanny of the boy Henry and the delegate Edson Henrique Damasceno, responsible for the investigation.

remember the case

Henry Borel, four years old, died at dawn on March 8, 2021, at Hospital Barra D’or, in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio de Janeiro. The boy was taken to the unit by his mother, Monique Medeiros, and her boyfriend, then councilor Dr. Jairinho (Jairo Souza dos Santos Júnior).

At the time, the then couple claimed that the child was found passed out in the room where he slept. According to the institution’s doctors, the boy arrived at the hospital with a cardiopulmonary arrest.

According to the police, the child was the victim of torture carried out by Dr. Jairinho, in the apartment where they lived, in Barra da Tijuca, West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. A report pointed out 23 injuries, including internal bleeding and liver damage. The couple has been in jail since April this year.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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