Here’s how much Harry and Meghan Markle have earned since they left the royal family

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How much have Harry and Meghan Markle earned since they said goodbye to the royal family? Getting the Sussex accounts in the pocket is an operation – just completed by the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair – which forces you to delve into figures almost inconceivable for mere mortals. Only for his (explosive) memoir, the one in which will tell the story of his entire life in the royal family, the queen’s grandson would have received the impressive from the American publishing house Penguin Random House advance of $ 17 million.

Then there are the projects signed by the couple Sussex: the five-year contract from $ 150 million with Netflix and the three-year one of 21 million for podcasts on Spotify. Harry and Meghan, among other things, emigrated to the States relying on solid economic bases: the ten million he inherited from his mother. Diana plus the two million dollars she set aside when she was an actress. The prince and his wife, in addition, until summer 2020 were foraged by Charles of England. The two, during the interview with Oprah Winfrey, complained that the heir to the throne, immediately after the Megxit, had cut all funds from them. I official expense reports of the Royal family last year speak for themselves: the eldest son of Elizabeth II, for the support of the rebel couple, paid out at least two and a half million euros.

Not only. The interview with Oprah didn’t bring the Sussexes any direct income, but after the special one was announced collaboration, on Apple tv, with the queen of american tv. Very profitable, it is supposed. More, Harry will be manager of the BetterUp, a Californian startup that deals with wellness and mental health valued at over 1.4 billion euros. His salary was not disclosed, but in Silicon Valley, in a company of that size, no executive makes less than a million dollars a year. It is also estimated that Meghan, with The Bench, his first children’s book, will put around € 600,000 in his pocket.

In short. The Sussexes can rely on monstrous takings. But their expenses are also monstrous. Only their villa in Montecito, California costs 14, 7 million dollars: 5 already paid, the rest in the form of a mortgage. In addition, just to give another example, when they said goodbye to the royal family they had to pay back the $ 2.5 million they spent to renovate Frogmore Cottage, the London residence in which they lived for just a few weeks.

Today the Sussexes, according to the Spanish edition of Vanity Fair, they can count on a treasury of at least 118 million euros. A few tens of millions are already in their coffers, dozens more are on the way. Not bad considering it’s only been a year and a half since that they said goodbye to the royal family, giving up a prerogative of around 680 thousand euros net a year.

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