Here’s what Queen Elizabeth said when they tried to kill her

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In December 2021, just on Christmas day, a nineteen year old masked and armed with a crossbow sneaked into the castle of Windsor with a precise plan: kill Elizabeth II. He had revealed it himself, a few minutes before theraid on the castlein a video Published on Snapchat: «I’m sorry for what I did and for what i will do. I will try to kill the queen.’ The boy, with mental health problems, was stopped by the royal security before he could complete his macabre project. But how did he react? Elizabeth II the news of the foiled attack? With the usual irony and composure.

Gyles Brandreth, a close friend of the royal family, reveals it to us in the new biography Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait. When the intruder was caught, as stated in an excerpt from the book published in preview by Daily MailThe Queen was in her quarters, where she was waiting to meet her firstborn, now King Charles, and his wife Camilla. It was there that the head of security informed her that a deranged man had tried to take her out with a crossbow. The sovereign, Brandreth recounts, had a legendary reaction. Not only did she show no sign of upset, but she commented on her crime with her usual British humour: «Well, if he could, that would put a damper on Christmas, wouldn’t it?».

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The sovereign’s reaction is not surprising, given that years ago she had faced a much more disturbing intrusion with incredible composure. July 9, 1982 the deranged Michael Fagan managed to climb over – «barefoot, unkempt and drunk» – the fences of Buckingham Palace (a four meter high wall with spikes and barbed wire), took a stroll through the rooms, and taking advantage of the changing of the guard, he slipped into the room where The Queen slept blissfully (it was 7 in the morning). His Majesty awoke, found the man sitting on the bed. Yes, he had one jolt but he didn’t scream like any mere mortal would have done. Even in her nightgown, she maintained her royal aplomb. He rang the bell to call the valet whoshocked by the presence of the intruder, in turn called the building detectives.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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