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Here’s Why I Want To Dress Like Will From Platonic (But I Don’t Dare)

Finally we boys too – yes, at least up to 50 we are boys, then at the latest we become big boys – now we have our Carrie Bradshaw. More or less. I speak for myself, but I think I can be the spokesperson for a rather large army of (by now) former disillusioned with TV series: I have never seen, in serial products on the small screen, a protagonist who – like the epic City columnist in comparisons of generations and generations of girls – represented a style icon for me, and a reference model for my wardrobe. I’ve never had even a duller – pardon, fantastic – Miss Maisel. And I miss any Claire Underwood. Nothing at all, unless I wanted to wear bear fur like ne Game of thrones.

Until today, at least. I had already guessed it in the first episode, but now that I’ve seen 4 of them I can announce it without fear of regretting this sentence after 5 minutes: Will played by Seth Rogen in the delicious (yes, I wrote it: delicious!) Apple TV rom-com TV series Platonic he’s the cathode fashion guru I’ve been waiting for and that I deserve.

Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen in Platonicaired on Apple TV

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And the reason is easy to say: the ramshackle newly divorced Los Angeles represents the exact opposite of who I am (that is: what I will never be able to be). Or, rather, her outfits. Or better yet, she apparently juggles it nonsense of what she slips into for her scooter rides or for outings (no spoilers but a little yes) with her friend Sylvia (Rose Byrne, obviously supercool but this really doesn’t surprise us). I am so much control freaks me, he lets himself be happily lulled by chance and lead him into chaos. For someone as rigorous as me, it takes a lot of courage to dress as ramshackle as him. Much respect, brother.

For the character played by the irresistible comedian, the talented costume designers of Platonic have imagined and created a wardrobe against which Sarah Jessica Parker and her friends look like featherweight newbies mix & match: T-shirts with vintage graphics, cardigans in patterns that not even the father of the Robinson family can imagine, beaded necklaces, surfer bucket hats, all-in-one overalls. And most importantly, socks from cartoon tucked in Birkenstocks various (I only go as far as slippers).


But it is not only the extreme gamble of the crazy miscellaneous and its seeming – but only in appearance – so dramatically wrong, which attracts me: what deserves an even more thunderous applause is the choice of individual garmentsall so colorful and ironic, and all so sincere in reminding us, in every single sequence and without the slightest embarrassment, what the truth is: we are kids, we say to each other, but fundamentally we are and remain children. Even at the threshold of 50. And we might as well declare it then with the Teletubbies T-shirts.


Last but definitely not leastincredible but true, I even go so far as to assert that Will, despite the neverending Peter Pan look, even manages to be sexy. How this is possible, I still have to figure it out myself. It will take me a second season – which I already claim – to figure it out.




Source: Vanity Fair

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