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Teens Cook New York’s Favorite Swan and Eat It – Grabbed All 4 of Its Children

A favorite swan of its inhabitants New York met a tragic death, when three teenagers killed him and cooked him for dinner. As if this was not enough, the three killers kidnapped the mother swan’s four babies from a protected local lake.

The swan, who was named Faye, is said to turned into a dinner by the youngsters. The bird was in a pond in the suburban village of Manlius, just outside New York City, population 4,600. The lake hosts generations of swans that have belonged to it since 1905.

Police said Wednesday that the three teenage friends, ages 16, 17 and 18, they thought Faye was a duck, before slaughtering her for their meal. “They didn’t know it was swan and they didn’t know it wasn’t a wild animal, that it actually belonged to the village of Manlius,” said Manlius Police Chief Ken Hatter.

All three suspects, including the eldest, who was identified as Eman Hussan, were charged with felony grand larceny and criminal damage, as well as misdemeanor conspiracy and criminal trespassing, according to the nypost.com.

The suspects they were trying to go “hunting”, when they jumped the fence surrounding Manlius Swan Pond between midnight and 3 a.m. of Monday and they killed Faye while she was in her lair. After killing Faye, the youths took her lifeless body to one of their houses, where they cooked it and ate it. They didn’t stop there. Subsequently, they grabbed Faye’s four babies to keep as pets.

What a sweet and a very sad tribute to Manlius’s beloved swans. Mama Fay was killed and eaten for the Memorial Day and…

Posted by Elena Nezhdanova on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Manlius Mayor Paul Whorrall said that and Faye’s four baby swans, about 4 weeks old, are now in the care of a biologist, which takes care of the health of the city’s swans. Faye’s partner and father of the little birds, Manny, was unharmed by the attack. Residents saw him on Tuesday swimming alone in the lake. As he mentioned, swans are animals that mate once in their life.

Source: News Beast

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