High cholesterol may not show symptoms, test is important, says cardiologist

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Cholesterol becomes a problem when there is an excess of the LDL-cholesterol particle, popularly known as bad cholesterol, in the body and the type of fat ingested.

The index of cholesterol it may be linked to lifestyle, such as poor diet, smoking, sedentary lifestyle and obesity. But it can also be associated with genetic issues, which is called familial hypercholesterolemia (HF).

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On the Medical Correspondent board of the CNN Radio cardiologist Marcelo Cantarelli, an interventionist at the Brazilian Society of Hemodynamics and Interventional Cardiology, explained the risks of altered cholesterol.

“There is something very important: high cholesterol does not cause any symptoms”, he warned. According to the doctor, “a simple blood test” is enough for him to be identified.

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“Preferably, an annual check-up, unless there is a change, then a little more frequency is needed”, he added.

Cantarelli points out that “adequate levels are necessary so that there are no surprises in a few years with clogging of the arteries, which causes heart attacks and strokes, or even alterations in the kidneys.”

“Diabetes, obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are factors that contribute to the appearance of a future heart attack, so go to the doctor every year to check your blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose.”

The doctor explained that cholesterol is necessary for the body, as it is responsible for building cell walls, sex hormones and bile juice.

However, “everything in excess is bad”: “70% of it is manufactured by the liver and 30% comes from food, which cannot be excessive, above 200 in the exam”.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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