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High performance for Alpha Trust mutual funds to 2021

ALPHA TRUST mutual funds offered high returns to investors in 2021, as shown in the table below, in a year with large fluctuations for the international capital markets, mainly due to the continuing spread of the pandemic, but also the emergence of inflationary pressures, after many years.

2021, however, was an extremely successful year for the historic mutual fund “ALPHA TRUST HELLENIC EQUITY FUND – R” , more than double the General Price Index of the Athens Stock Exchange, which increased by + 10.43%. It is noteworthy that since its inception it has offered investors a cumulative positive return of + 403.65% against a negative return of the benchmark of -2.28%, showing a significant overperformance of + 405.93% (period from 31/12/1995 to 31/12/2021).

In the category of Gross Mutual Funds, the first is classified in its category the “ALPHA TRUST ECLECTIC Balanced Fund – R” average annual yield 6.21% (period from 31/12/1995 to 31/12/2021).

In the same category, at the top is from the beginning the “PROFESSIONAL FUND OF MIXED ECONOMISTS” * (Recommendation: Decision of the Head of Commission: 24/840 / 16.7.2008) with a yield of 120.65% and an average annual yield of 6 , 28% (period from 31/12/2008 to 31/12/2021), continuing the excellent performance history of ALPHA TRUST in the management of Occupational Insurance Funds.

In the category of Greek Bond Funds, the “ALPHA TRUST DOMESTIC BONDS – R” ** (Recommendation: Decision.Committee Chapter: 6th / 29.3.1994 / 7B) is at the top of its category from the beginning (period from 31 / 12/1994 to 31/12/2021) with a cumulative yield of 718.39% and an average annual yield of 8.10%.

Honoring the trust of its investors, ALPHA TRUST continues to offer a top level of professional management with the confidence of the largest independent fund management company in Greece. Fluctuations are an inherent feature of markets and crises usually create opportunities. ALPHA TRUST, as evidenced by the performance of its mutual funds, has proven to be able to identify and exploit them for the benefit of investors.

High performance for Alpha Trust mutual funds to 2021

Source From: Capital

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