Higher productivity can generate a rise of US$ 1 trillion in GDP in 5 years, says foundation

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A study prepared by the Federation of Industries of Rio de Janeiro (Firjan) and which will be delivered to candidates for the Presidency of the Republic, predicts that the increase in productivity in the country can generate growth of US$ 1 trillion in the Brazilian Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the next few years. five years, and claims the return of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Services, diluted by President Jair Bolsonaro at the beginning of his government, in 2019.

With this growth – from US$ 1.804 trillion to US$ 2.821 trillion – the country could rise from the 12th to the 8th position in the ranking of the largest economies in the world by 2027, according to the document “Firjan’s Proposals for a Brazil 4.0”, which contains 62 proposals at the federal level for the reindustrialization of Brazil and 41 at the state level.

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In both spheres, the agenda emphasizes the need to promote strategic sectors in order to strengthen industrial competitiveness and reduce the risk of dependence on long global chains, in particular those responsible for basic inputs of the country’s industrial production; structuring the Carbon Market; Reduction of impunity for theft of cargo and the sale of illicit products; and Commitment to legal certainty.

The document shows that, historically, the country has had low productivity and in recent years, GDP growth has been related to factors that will not be repeated in the future, such as the rapid growth of the working-age population in relation to the country’s total population.

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The launch of the “Firjan Proposal Agenda for a Brazil 4.0” takes place this morning at the Firjan headquarters in Rio de Janeiro and brings together dozens of businessmen from Rio de Janeiro.

“The world has rediscovered the importance of the industry. Productive industry is synonymous with a strong economy. Productivity is the key to the advancement of the industry”, highlighted the president of Firjan, Eduardo Eugenio Gouvêa Vieira.

“Industry 4.0 needs a Brazil 4.0. And one of the first steps for this to happen is the recreation of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Services”, added the executive.

Due to this new scenario, the agenda presents four pillars, highlighting the importance of measures that finally increase productivity, through the improvement of the “Business environment”, “Infrastructure”, “Human capital” and “State efficiency”. ”.

“Given the various social and economic changes on a global scale, it is essential for Brazil and Rio de Janeiro to advance in reforms and actions that allow for the establishment of a path of sustained growth, based on increased productivity. And the proposals in our Agenda clearly suggest the paths to be followed”, explained the vice president of the federation, Luiz Césio Caetano, and coordinator of the Business Work Group that created the document.

Source: CNN Brasil

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