Major Highlights From The Ongoing CES 2021 Show Some Remarkable Gadgets

The Consumer Electronics Show (2021) started on 11th January and will continue till 14th January. The annual trade show is going online this year because of the COVID-19 security protocol. The displayed technology and gadgets from the first 2 days of the event are remarkable and focus on brighter displays, electric cars with solar panels, robovacs, water consumption, workout and fitness facilitating appliances.


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The annual technological trade show is going smoothly. In fact, it seems that the COVID-19 pandemic forced scientists and researchers to become freer with their thoughts and actions and to come up with out-of-the-box technology to help people sustain during hard times like the year 2020.

Amidst all the glorious tech evolvement and innovative ideas, some areas that have been heavily focused on by various tech companies include the following:

Mini and Micro-LED Display

After TCL’s famous 6 series TV sets from 2020, Samsung this year has jumped the bandwagon of creating TV sets with hundreds and millions of tiny LEDs backlighting, providing sheer brightness sharper contrasts, and a highly improved TV display picture quality. Samsung has announced its ‘Neo QLED’ in the CES 2021 based on the same technology, along with a 110-inch model with millions of tiny LEDs in the backend, in which each LED pixel acts as its own backlight. This technology is similar to the OLED, so it seems that Samsung is aiming for something in between QLED and OLED and will be emphasizing it throughout this year.

Sony’s 85-inch 8K Master series is also coming with the next-generation display technology and is nothing short of its competitors.

LG’s OLED Neo TV sets are also in the pipeline along with TCL’s launching of a newer and better version of its already popular 6-Series TV sets.

Next-generation Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi, as we know it today, is going to be more advanced as the announcement of the Wi-Fi 6e routers suggests. Various companies showcased their new Wi-Fi routers at the event. But at the moment, most of our phones do not support this technology. However, it seems that OEMs will start focusing on this aspect now in the upcoming phone models.

Low-powered Heavy Processors

Intel has announced the new 35-watt-H-Series chips for gaming laptops. These are going to be lower-powered and extremely powerful along with being portable.

Lenovo’s new ‘ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga’ supports 11th gen vPro Processors, and it is definitely going to give heavy competition to the rival laptops.

5G Support for devices and rollable phones

Motorola displayed its 2021 Moto G 5G supporting phones at the CES this year. TCL also announced its extremely affordable new 20 series smartphones that have the 5G support.

TCL also displayed a tablet with NXTPAPER Display that runs at 30Hz frequency and has a full-color display, but it does not have any backlight and also comes with very low reflectivity.

TCL also showed a vertical unrolling smartphone with a 17-inch display that can be scrolled. LG also displayed its rollable smartphone that can swiftly turn into a tablet as per the users’ demand.

Home appliances and touch-free experiences

The COVID-19 pandemic made people more domestic than ever before. Therefore, companies heavily focused on coming up with home appliances and cleaning tools that can help people keeping their homes clean without having to rely on external aid.

Kohler especially came up with a wide variety of bathroom lineup that allows a completely touch-free experience for the users, from automatic toilet bidets to faucets that can dispense water without the user having to touch them.

Samsung announced its Jetbot 90 cleaning robot which has a camera that serves as its ‘eyes’ and lets it jump over and avoid various obstacles. It also acts as your security guard when you are not at home because of its ‘camera eyes.’

Eufy’s RoboVac L80 comes with stronger suction power owing to the new twin-turbine technology.

Roborock has come up with sonic mopping pads that vibrate with the S7 and can remove all the stubborn stains easily.

ColdSnap displayed an ice-cream maker that uses disposable pods and serves heavenly ice-cream within a few minutes.

Petpuls, an AI-powered pet collar has also been displayed which helps the owners learn what their pets are feeling.

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