WhatsApp Gives a Detailed Statement about Its New Privacy Policy

WhatsApp clarifies the users doubts of having shared their personal chats with Facebook.


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As per the news earlier, WhatsApp’s new policy will now share user data with its owner Facebook. However, WhatsApp gave a statement through twitter, on Tuesday, that they address a few rumors but are 100% sure that the app will continue to ensure privacy with its end-to-end encryption. The company also addressed that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook can view the user’s shared location, personal chat, hear calls, and does not even keep chat and call logs. Facebook cannot access to contacts from WhatsApp. Also, it has been cleared that WhatsApp groups will remain private and users are able to switch on or off the option of disappearing messages and can also download data.

The company further provided details through a new section of its FAQ. It promised to never weaken the security enabled by end-to-end encryption, and also claimed that the privacy of personal chats with friends or families will not be affected by the changes made to the Terms of Service. However, the changes made to the Terms of Service will enable users to interact with businesses including Facebook businesses. The parent company of WhatsApp has been provided with an option of setting up WhatsApp chats with customers where they will be able to give quick responses, send receipts, display their catalogue directly through the app. According to FAQs, through clicking any prompts, if a WhatsApp user messages a business from the list provided on Facebook, the data can be shared to personalize advertisements.

WhatsApp has still not mentioned the root problem as to what caused users concern currently.

What Type of Information Does WhatsApp Share with Its Owner – Facebook?

  • Account registration information
  • Transaction data
  • Service-related information
  • Information on how the user interacts with businesses or others.
  • IP address
  • Mobile device details

Other information marked in the privacy policy section named ‘Information We Collect’ or ‘obtained upon notice to you or based on your consent’ may also be included as mentioned in FAQs.

More Details on Business Messaging

WhatsApp said that it is making easy for all sizes of businesses to communicate with their new business features.

Facebook hosting services

It has been highlighted that business messaging and chatting with friends or family is completely different. WhatsApp has given the opportunity for users to make use of their secure hosting services from Facebook to manage WhatsApp messages with customers. Conversations of businesses that choose to use hosting services will undoubtedly be labeled as business conversations.

New Commerce Features

In partnership with Facebook branded commerce features such as Shops, a few businesses will be able to display their products on their WhatsApp account whereby customers will easily see what is available in market. Also, the shopping activity of users who interact with shop may be used to personalize Shop experience plus the advertisements that appear on Facebook and Instagram. It has been informed that this feature is not mandatory but once in use, WhatsApp team will review of how the data has been shared with Facebook.

Discovering a Business

The WhatsApp team informed how to message a business company. It further added that once the app is installed on the phone, option is already provided. Facebook can personalize the adds after viewing how the user interacts with ads on Facebook.

The earlier version WhatsApp ToS had given an option to users to choose whether they wanted to share their WhatsApp data with Facebook, but unfortunately the latet ToS has not mentioned anything as such.

Telegrams like Signal and Telegram have been mentioned as alternatives that are said to share a lot less data with third parties like Facebook.

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