Sony’s Vision-S Prototype Vehicle Turnarounds from Design to Public Road-Testing

According to reports, Sony has finally started testing its S-Vision designed car on public roads. The concept car which was revealed at CES last year hosts various modern features. However, Sony notified that it began testing the car in December 2020, on the roads of Austria, Europe


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Features the Car Hosts

The car has a number of modern features like the perceivable sensors on the front and rear bumpers, and rear facing cameras instead of the usual wing mirrors, similar to the Honda-E model.

It has been noted that the 33 sensors that Sony claimed the car would have has now been increased up to 40, reported by Electrek. The sensors include CMOS, Time of Flight (ToF), and LiDAR which are said to work in a team to support a host of Level 2 driver aids. However, it has not been clarified about why the extra 7 sensors have been added and what will they be used for.

The car was also expected to be built with a software first design, and an immersive audio experience.

Sony said the Vision-S will have two engines when it comes to drivetrain, producing over 560 hp that would propel the car to 60 mph in less than 5 seconds. It has been informed that currently these are the only specifications Sony has revealed.

Other crucial details like the price, battery size and battery power, and the date of its release have not been responded to.

A video has been made to show the Vision-S prototype. It has been said that the prototype does not seem to be a creation that will last for a long time, certainly at least from the outside appearance. However, for examining purposes, prototypes commonly have a lot of body work covers and temporary fittings, but the Vision-S appears clean and looks like a finished kit.

According to how fast the turnaround went from design to public road testing in a year, public has presumed that during its launch in 2020, the car was already well-developed and considered this as a major step towards making the car a reality.

Sony mentioned that the prototype Vision-S is a road-ready prototype vehicle that aims to contribute to mobility assessment by investigating not just how cars function and how they are built, but also the connection between the society and cars. Sony further added that they are continuing their research and development to provide outstanding protection through imaging and sensing technologies.

Sony has stated that it is possible to use the newly built EV platform as a coupe or other styles of vehicles such as Sedans, SUVs, and MPVs.

It has also been informed that the latest public road-testing video of Sony’s Vision-S EV car posted by Sony, has been filmed by the company’s all new Airpeak drone during the CES trade show. Sony’s Airpeak drone will be obtainable during the Spring season, and the price will be announced during its launch.

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