LG and TCL Showcased their New Rollable Phones at the Virtual Event CES 2021

LG and TCL showcased their rollable phones at the CES 2021. However, at this moment rollable phones from both companies seem to be in the design process and it is not yet known when they will be displayed physically


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Last year a number of foldable phones were available on market, and this year a lot more will be seen. A new type of rollable phones has currently been seen which were showcased at CES 2021 by LG and TCL. It has been informed that LG rollable was allegedly spotted in the carrier intranet database of South Korea in December 2020.

LG, the big tech company, two years ago surprised the audience with a rollable TV at CES, and also displayed phone’s flexibility 2020 at the LG Wing Official announcement event. The rollable has a single screen that is the same size as a conventional smartphone, unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 2 introduced by Samsung, which incorporates a tall and narrow exterior display with a more spacious interior.

It has been informed that LG first gave a demo of its rollable phones and hours later, TCL also showed its current rollable design-in-process smartphone.

Features of the Rollable Smartphone

All that has been demonstrated by TCL is that this technology can make the phone’s display size larger, similarly like the Oppo X 2021 that was teased last year. Tiago Abreu, head of the “X-Lab” at the TCL Industrial Design Center said in a video that the size can be increased from the current 6.7 inches to 7.8 only with a tap of a finger. In addition, Abreu said the user interface will automatically adapt to the change and no further details are yet known about the TCL phones.

The back side of the TCL phone seems to be highly reflective since the video showed a woman flipping the gadget to use it as a mirror.

Compared to the TV version, LG’s rollable OLED panels are likely to provide a higher pixel density and its screen is designed to deliver a cleaner, and more seamless content.

General manager of global marketing for TCL’s phone corporation, Stefan Streit had informed CNET about the launch of a phone with a flexible display in 2021, but had not yet confirmed whether it would be a rollable or a foldable device, and whether it would be launched or not.

Availability and Expected Price of LG Rollable

Last month’s latest rumor from LG suggested that the phone might be priced at $2,359 and may be launched in June 2021. LG rollable concept phone is a part of LG’s explorer Project that has currently been testing for ways to “breathe new life into what makes a smartphone.”

It has been reported that the display will be developed by China’s BOE Technology Group. There has been no further details disclosed about the display technology or scale. Once the first editions of these phones are available on market, issues of durability might occur.

The New 17-inch printed OLED

In addition to the rollable phone, Abreu notified about a new 17-inch patterned OLED scrolling display that can be unfurled and also features a 100% color gamut. He added that the new display technology from TCL CSOT, can be widely used on flexible TVs, curved and foldable screens, and also on transparent commercial display screens.

On 11th January Brad Molen, TCL spokesman through his tweets shared videos of 3D prototypes of the rollable and scrolling displays.

In the next few years, a lot of expanding screens will be seen around the globe.

Source C-Net

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