Historic decision in the US: The first black female Supreme Court justice was sworn in

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A few days after his decision Supreme Court of USA to ban abortionthis time a joyful event comes from the other side of the Atlantic, as the first black woman was sworn in judge in the particular judiciary.

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According to AFP, the progressive judge Ketanji Brown Jackson became the first African-American to take office on the Supreme Court, without changing the balance in this body, where conservatives are in the majority.

The 51-year-old judge he was chosen in late February by President Joe Bidenwho had campaigned to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court for the first time in history.

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In the Supreme Court’s 233 years, 115 justices have served on it, and of those, only five have been women – four white and one Hispanic. Only two were African-American judges. One of them, the conservative Clarence Thomas, was nominated by George W. Bush and still serves on the Court today.

Ketanji Brown Jackson will take the place of progressive Stephen Breyer, 83, who has decided to retire.

Source: News Beast

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