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👻 Modern and accessible story format! Our messages are alive! Do you love reading stories? Or maybe you don’t like to read books at all, and prefer games without the Internet? In any case, our international social network of lovers of chat stories History is what you need!

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Here you will find passionate novels and romantic stories about love 18 in Russian, interactive chilling horror stories and horror stories, exciting fantasy and fanfiction (bts, bts, k-pop, yaoi) – all this in an easy story chat game format. Make decisions and choices as the story progresses, take calls or become the main character of the correspondence yourself. Do you want to find like-minded people who like to read or write novels and horror stories, discuss the story with them and continue in private messages? Join our self-publishing club of romance and horror stories!

To read other people’s correspondence excitedly without the Internet, just save them to your device and enjoy interesting correspondence without an Internet on the road for free!

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🔥 Become a popular author!

Or maybe you just want to write books and gain loyal fans of your fanfiction? Histori samizdat will help with this as well.

Thanks to a convenient editor, writing correspondence without the Internet is a real pleasure, and writing stories together with friends in real time will bring you a lot of fun! Diversify your fanfiction with sounds and music, images, calls from chat participants, or let the reader make their own choices when reading a novel. Create a story in which the reader himself will be the main character (Y/N)! Write your chat stories about love 18+ in Russian, scary stories, horror stories or fan fiction, fantasy.

The best stories will be included in the Catalog where they will be seen by thousands of readers. Realize your author’s dream. Post captivating stories and get readers’ love in return. The application encourages talented authors whose best horror stories were able to get into the Catalog. We transfer in-game coins to creators when readers spend stories on their episodes.

📚 Read over 400,000 stories for every taste!

Find yourself a suitable correspondence that will hook you to read self-published books for free and without the Internet.

😱 Read scary chat stories, feel horror, write nepeta scary stories, find scary text messages with fake momos, slenderman, granny, jeff the killer (creepypasta), save creepy chat texts and horror stories.

🤣 Find funny stories.

💗 Like romantic love stories. Dirty love stories (love stories and short stories for girls) will make you feel new feelings. Our love games are exactly what you were looking for! Read novels and love stories 18+ for free.

🦇 Mystical stories about vampires and werewolves will not leave you indifferent, and mysticism, science fiction and fantasy will open new horizons for you.

🤘 Do you like chat stories based on popular works? We have Harry Potter fanfiction in Russian! Interested in k-pop? Then with us you can not only read, but also write samizdat fanfiction about bts (bts) and payton. Definitely a mustread! The choice of correspondence from our ficbook is yours!

Get coins in the game and spend them to buy additional features. Read our stories for free!

Help for playing offline Histori self-published: rentry.co/historyapp-help

Rules on how to write scary stories and read other people’s correspondence for free: rentry.co/historyapp-rules

Join our club of romance, horror stories and fanfiction! Reading stories will be interesting!

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