Hong Kong leader to make announcement on Covid-19 quarantine policy

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Hong Kong leader John Lee said on Tuesday that the government intends to make an announcement soon about its controversial Covid-19 quarantine policy in hotels for foreigners.

The move comes because the government wants to keep the city connected to the rest of the world and allow for an “orderly opening”.

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Lee revealed that he is aware that Hong Kong needs to maintain its competitiveness, adding that the authorities want to bring events and activities back to the city.

“We know exactly where we need to go and we want to be consistent as we move in that direction. We would like to have an orderly opening, because we don’t want chaos or confusion in the process,” he said.

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Hong Kong, following the measures of China, which follows a “Covid zero” policy, is one of the few places in the world that still requires travelers from abroad to quarantine on their arrival, although the duration of the measure has shortened over time.

Currently, travelers must stay three days in a hotel and follow with four days of self-monitoring.

Business groups, diplomats and many residents have criticized the city’s rules on the disease, saying it threatens Hong Kong’s position as a global financial hub.

Source: CNN Brasil

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