Hope: “The vaccine is the tool to avoid new closures in the Autumn”

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Today, in the Capitol, Roberto Speranza will chair the G20 of health ministers. A fundamental appointment, on the occasion of which the aim will be «to sign the ‘Rome Pact’ to vaccinate the inhabitants of the whole world», he explained in the Minister interviewed by Corriere della Sera.

Speranza also took stock of the pandemic situation in Italy, reiterating the importance of the vaccination campaign and the increase in vaccinations among the population in order to be able to avoid the risk of new closures next Autumn.

At present, the contagion situation remains stable, but with the reopening of schools and businesses there could be an increase in cases. And faced with this hypothesis “the vaccine is the tool to avoid new restrictive measures“, points out.

The hypothesis of making the vaccine mandatory? “It will be evaluated over the weeksThe Minister explained. A measure that the Government could take taking into account the epidemiological situation and hospitalizations, with particular attention to intensive care and the number of deaths, the most dramatic thing. These data will be crossed precisely with the percentage of vaccinated.

This is why the Minister urges all Italians to choose to get vaccinated. “The virus still exists, it is strong and circulating. Either we strengthen the vaccination campaign again, or we are forced to imagine that at some point we will have to use the measures of the past», He explained, reiterating about a possible vaccination obligation that:« If the defense of the right to health and the need to avoid new deprivation of liberty should lead us to this solution, we will certainly not be scared and we will not stop ».

To date, 65.2% of the population has completed the vaccination cycle, while 7.6% are awaiting a second dose. Overall – also counting the single-dose and pre-infected who received a dose – 72.8% of the Italian population is at least partially protected. But it is still not enough to defend ourselves from contact and avert the risk of new limitations.

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