Horror in Brazil: Gang records murder and dismemberment of 21-year-old

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A spiral from Brazil videotaped him murder of a girl, the dismemberment of her corpse and her ending up in a suitcase, in an incident that has shocked the local community.

21-year-old Gabriela Lima Santana was declared missing on March 13. But two weeks ago, police received the video of him dismemberment of a woman in a bathroom, now associated with the 21-year-old.

Her body was found March 24 by a municipal official in the southern city of Capao da Canoa, an excavator operator.

As he dug into a ditch with water, a hand was revealed to come out of one suitcase. Parts of the victim’s skull, torso and legs were found inside, as well as knives and saws. There were stones inside the suitcase, to keep it submerged in water.

Santana was identified by fingerprints and a tattoo linked to a mafia organization. Police suspect clearing of accounts.

In the video that reached the police, it is unknown how, the man who dismembered the corpse was smiling.

Two suspects have been arrested, a 49-year-old who appears in the video and a 23-year-old who was holding the camera. Police are looking for at least two more.

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