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Hose bath, fruit and even popsicles are alternatives to cool off animals at the SP Zoo

Biologists from the São Paulo Zoo put together a strategy to help with the hydration and thermal comfort of animals during the extreme heat wave affecting the city.

The biologist responsible for the animal welfare sector, Angelita Capobianco, highlights that “the environments are planned and prepared to offer comfort. The ambiance consists of the use of plants, houses, dens, tanks, lakes and shelters in open areas and indoors, allowing ‘residents’ to choose where to stay when it’s hot,” she explains.

On these hot days, the animals receive hose baths, fruit and even popsicles, which has been an alternative to help them. Hippos and turtles, semi-aquatic species, have “swimming pools” in their homes.

During the day, the animals are monitored by caregivers, biologists, zootechnicians and veterinarians, and receive fruits rich in water and popsicles prepared with frozen fruit or meat broth, according to the eating habits of each species.

Zoo SP is located in the Fontes do Ipiranga State Park, in the south of the capital. As the area is wooded, the environment is more humid, which helps to reduce the feeling of heat on hotter days.

Source: CNN Brasil

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