Hospital das Clínicas de SP tests 5G technology for exams and robotic surgery

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The arrival of the 5G signal in Brazil – already present in five capitals and the Federal District – will expand the possibilities for the health field. This is what the executive director of the innovation center at Hospital das Clínicas de São Paulo, Marco Bego, defends.

In an interview with CNN Radio he said that InovaHC, since there was the news that the 5G bands would be auctioned, evaluated that the technology would bring “important health characteristics.”

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Among them are “less delay of information passed from one place to another, with a more stable and faster signal.”

There are two pilot projects: one for remote ultrasound and the other for robotic surgery and student education.

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In the case of ultrasound, regions with few doctors can follow the transmission using 5G, being able to talk to the patient and guide the professional who performs the exam.

“The ultrasound does not depend on the telephone company, because we use a private network, the signal leaves the HC and sends the image. We have already tested the connection and will still do tests in a city in Amazonas or Pará.”

The other project is to monitor the operating room: “We transmit images of the room so that students in another region of the country or doctors can participate in this training together, to evolve over time.”

“With 5G, the image arrives with quality as if it were on site, and in addition to the image, we pass data and the doctor’s voice guiding the person to talk to the patient and how to perform the exam, there are three pieces of information at the same time, with almost no delay. ”

Hospital das Clínicas will test throughout the year on both fronts.

“We try to prove that the system is adequate and that it meets three things: giving access to people who do not have medical care, providing better quality and reducing costs.”

The cost reduction comes from the fact that the displacement of patients and doctors will only happen if necessary, since the first service will be done remotely.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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