House by the sea or in the mountains, investment strategies

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Buy one house in tourist placespreferably by the sea or in the mountains, today it is not only a comfortable way of thinking about holidays, but it can also turn out to be a good investment, especially in times of pressing inflation. Elected as the absolute favorite type of accommodation by Italians following the pandemic, the private home represents a consolidated trend, as attested by the National Tourist Real Estate Observatory of FIMAA and Nomisma. According to the professional investor Cesare Rosatifounder of the IoInvesto Academy – which, precisely on the subject of real estate investments, offers courses for beginners, lasting 18 months – “the boom in leases and second home sales, which today in Italy represents almost 10% of the total, demonstrates how the trend is anything but passing. Tourists continue to prefer renting, not only for economic reasons and greater privacy, but also from a health safety point of view ». The purchase of housing units intended for leasing is an important constant in the Italian real estate scene, especially in response to the market stagnation experienced since May 2020. “This investment offers great potential, and an income between 8 and 10%, provided that is approached in the right way », continues Rosati. «Today, in particular, people are returning to the purchase of second homes because of the difficulty of finding them for rent, but also to make them profitable during the low season. First of all, it is always advisable buy in places where you live throughout the year and possibly where fairs and events are scheduled. The second aspect to consider is definitely the position, which must be attractive and attractiveas close as possible to the centers of interest (the beach, so to speak, or the ski resorts) in order to guarantee an employment rate close to 100%, if you work only in high season ».

What is the correct strategy for investing well in a property?
«We always recommend the HEAD method, which involves five basic steps: choosing the right property; examine the legal, urban and operational aspects; realize a business plan, trying not to be influenced by the emotion that the apartment itself arouses, but focusing on the economic aspect; verify in advance risks and possible errors; and then act with the purchase negotiation, the possible mortgage and restructuring. To finally get to the sale or, in this case, to the lease ».

And what is the type of apartment that offers the most possibilities?
“The ideal is a size of more than 80 square meters, which is also attractive for families and groups of friends, with at least two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and possibly an outdoor area”.

Better the sea or the mountains?
«It depends on personal preferences, because a second home also allows the owner to plan relaxing stays. The mountain has the advantage of always being attractive, especially during the winter season, but in some seaside resorts the rentals during the summer season alone can make the same if not more “.

What is the first rule, to make a deal?
“Buying at a lower price than the market, of course. In this case, the lease can even yield between 15 and 20% per year. To do this, there are several strategies, which however require a good knowledge of the sector or in any case a preventive preparation. For example, you can focus on properties in need of renovation that the owner does not have the possibility or the interest to deal with. Or intercept the apartments on the web before they end up in judicial auctions, now too busy. Or, again, aiming at the sale of the mortgage credit, effectively detecting a bad loan, but this is a strategy that requires experience “.

The IMU on second homes and purchase taxes, however, are not irrelevant …
“It’s true, but despite everything, the investment pays off. And to realize it even the hypothesis of a mortgage, with all the necessary calculations and precautions, is not to be discarded. It is in fact a “good debt”, that is, aimed at a gain, which moreover allows a tax reduction ».

After the purchase, how to get around to rent without problems?
“Airbnb works great. As well as specialized agencies, which, with a percentage of around 30% of revenues, take care of everything. From the actual location to welcoming guests, up to cleaning and linen change ».

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